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Finishing Strong: December Sunday Service

Theme: Finishing Strong

You are ALL welcome to our second Sunday Service in the month of December 2020. Tune in LIVE! on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ministering Pastor Francis Tekobo

You can stream our LIVE! Replay on YouTube and join our service here:

Scriptures to Note (in session):

What Does it Mean to Finish Strong?

  1. Obedience is the matter of the heart: James 3:2; Matthew 7:24, Learn to obey God quickly and quietly

What happens when you obey God?

  1. Deut 28:1 - God will promote, elevate you, bless you and prosper you.

  2. Job 32:11 - Whetehr you end well or not is a function from your obedience to God

  3. John 6:6 - Jesus is a great example of what obedience means. Always be excited when God asks from you.

  4. John 13: 7 - Obedience always brings about joy to your home. Heb 10:26-27

  5. 1 Cor 10:6 - Until you obey God, nothing will change. God will soften the ground for you. Psalm 81:18; Luke 6:46

  6. 1 Pet 4:17 - Obedience delivers us from the bondage of sin. He makes the way very clear for His children; 2 Chron 26:3-4

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RCCG Peace Assembly

Location: The Redeemed Christian Church of God Peace Assembly, 2158 McDaniel's Bridge Court, Lilburn, GA 30047

God bless you!

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