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10 Levels of Obedience: Results when you hear from God

Theme: The Art of Hearing

You are ALL welcome to our second Sunday Service in the month of September 2020

Ministering this morning is Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo

You can stream LIVE on YouTube and join our service here starting at 10 am!

Sermon points to take home

When you listen & pay attention to the voice of God, there are different levels of response that are possible:

How do I respond to God each time He speaks to me?

1. Obeying instructions that are pleasurable: 1 Cor 7:3 - No discipline and no counsel is needed when you are invited to a buffet. Also, most husbands are happy & excited to obey.

2. Obeying instructions that are in tandem with your personal goals & childhood dreams John 6: 53-60: When Jesus gave out bread & fish, the crowd multiplied, But when He told them the hard truth of eating His flesh and drinking His blood, the crowd whittled down to 12 men.

3. Obeying instructions that are reasonable: Deut 5:19 - "Do not steal" is reasonable. It will keep you out of jail & out of trouble. Eph 4:28 - This is reasonable & sensitive. We obey in order to avoid punishment.

4. Obeying instructions that lead to something good for you: Eph 6:2-3 - Christians should easily embrace this.

5. Obeying instructions when you know why the instructions have been given: Reason for the instruction is to help us become perfect just like our Heavenly Father Matthew 5:44-48

6. Obeying instructions that you don't understand: Why would God tell you to continue to live on in a country ravaged by poverty & famine when you have the opportunity to live in a prosperous nation? But this is exactly what He told Isaac to do. Genesis 26:1-3

7. Obeying instructions that are painfully difficult: These are things surrounding your life - Most of us have expenses and bills that exceed over incomes. It becomes painfullt difficult to take 10% and pay your tithe. This is why many Christians do not obey the instruction. But those who obey are blessed. Psalms 126:5-6 - They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Lev 27:30

8. Obeying instructions that make you unpopular: Jeremiah was unpopular because he was predicting bad things. But he was popular with God. His name & his prophecies are included in the Bible. At the end, his unpopular prophecies came to pass & the popular prophets were proved to be false prophets. Genesis 1:14; 3; 10 Genesis 3:13; Isaiah 3:10; Philippians 4:6-7; Joel 2:21

9. Obeying instructions that are bizarre: Gen 17:10-11 - Without anesthesia & antibiotics Abraham obeyed God and did what was ridiculous - cutting off the foreskins of every grown man, This is one of the reasons why Abraham stands out as the father of faith.

10. Obeying instructions that may lead to your own destruction & death: Luke 18:31-33 - This is the highest level of obedience. There was nothing natural, reasonable, or pleasurable about Christ being humiliated, tortured & murdered by the vicious soldiers of the brutal Roman Empire.

How does God speak to you?

You enjoy the presence of God by paying attention to God: John 14:23

You become a peculiar treasure to God: Exodus 19:5

Guidance and direction: Isaiah 30:21

It will be well with your children: Deuteronomy 5:29

Your days will be lengthened: 1 Kings 3:14

Listening and obeying God will set you above others: Deuteronomy 28:1

Divine Guidance/Direction: Isaiah 30:21

You will be blessed with good health: Exodus 15:26


"The quality of life you live is determined by who speaks into your life." - Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo


I want you to look at the different levels of obedience & see where you fit in. What is your record of obedience? What act of obedience

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God bless you!

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