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Authority of the Believer: Thanksgiving Service at Peace Assembly

Theme of the Month: Authority of the Believer

We are looking at a believer, who he is, and what God has done for him on the cross.

Ministering in today's Sunday service is Pastor Francis Tekobo.

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Bible Scriptures to Reference

Text: Luke 9:1-6

Before the new beginning there needs to be a new you. Pastor Francis Tekobo

Categories of Believers who need Authority

  1. Someone who is in a tight corner - Joshua 1:9

  2. Someone who is oppressed by sickness - Psalm 109:17

  3. Someone who is experiencing barrenness - Genesis 1:27-28

How to use authority?

  1. Think over your day and take charge: Job 38:12

  2. Your financial takeover: there is a need to take charge so that your life lives with stability: Jeremiah 29:11

  3. You must take charge over your future: Proverbs 4:18 ; 2 Kings 2:5

  4. Take authority of demonic powers: Luke 10:19

  5. Take charge of your health and wellbeing: Psalm 118: 17

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Thank you for worshipping with us today.

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RCCG Peace Assembly

Location: The Redeemed Christian Church of God Peace Assembly, 2158 McDaniel's Bridge Court, Lilburn, GA 30047

About RCCG Peace Assembly

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Peace Assembly is a multicultural international and non-denominational church that is located in Lilburn, Georgia. Peace Assembly under the divine mandate of God was established to further enrich the lives of people in Georgia.

In 2004, Pastor Francis Tekobo was installed as the new pastor of Peace Assembly. With the divine grace of God, Peace Assembly has increased in number and size. From celebrating new births, to the constant addition of new souls, Peace Assembly is destined for greatness.

People from many nations can call Peace Assembly their home.

Peace Assembly has over thirty ministries under her belt. Fondly called RCCG P.A, Peace Assembly is a church that aims to integrate the Big Three in the lives of believers: Communication, Orderliness and Unity. Communication with Christ, Orderliness in the lives of believers and Unity in the church of God.

We believe that by the Grace of God, all three can be simultaneously achieved.

God Bless you!

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