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September 2020 Thanksgiving Service LIVE on YouTube

Theme: The Art of Hearing

You are ALL welcome to our first Sunday Service in the month of September 2020

Ministering this morning is Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo

You can stream LIVE on YouTube and join our service here starting at 10 am!

Sermon points to take home

When you look at the Bible, the very first thing God did was to Speak: Genesis 1:1

The Bible is the inevitable outcome of God's speech.

The time we live in is a noisy and over again, our ears are bombarded with a lot of noise and many are not able to pay attention to what God is saying: Matthew 13:15

There is nothing in your life that has happened that God has never said something about it.

One word from God can settle you for life. Many things we think things are hard because you haven't found God in that situation and key into His word.

What does the voice of God sound like?

The voice of God is always friendly: Gen 3:18; Rev 10:1; John 12:28; 1 Cor 14:10 (Many voices in life can be counted insignificant. We have to make choices in life).

12 Types of Voices

1. The voice of the flesh: Romans 8:6-7 - This is expressed from a human desire. The flesh is a very dangerous thing to follow.

2. The voice of the devil: Genesis 3:1; 4-5; Luke 4:3

3. The voice of prophets: 1 Kings 13:11-26

4. The voice of your friends: 1 Sam 13:3; 1 Kings 12:3-11 - The voice of friends drowns the voice of God in your life.

5. The voice of your parents: Judges 14:1-3

6. The voice of your spouse: Genesis 16:1-2

7. The voice of circumstances: These are things surrounding your life - Matthew 13:32

9. The voice of the Bible

10. The voice of your mind

11. The voice of the Spirit

12. The voice of His annoited servant

How does God speak to you?

Inner witness

The small and still voice

Through dreams and vision


"You are only are as strong as the voice that you listen to. You are only as safe as the one speaking into your life." - Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo
"The quality of life you live is determined by who speaks into your life." - Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo

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God bless you!

NEX WEEK SERVICE: What are the results when you hear God?

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