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Welcome to our Second Sunday Service - October 2020

Theme: Expectation Fulfilled

You are ALL welcome to our first Sunday Service in the month of October 2020. God has been faithful!

Ministering Pastor (Mr.) Francis Tekobo

You can stream LIVE! on YouTube and join our service here starting at 10 am!


Summary: When God changes someone's level. When the light turns from red to green.

Everything you have ever wanted will come to pass.

Expectations fulfilled requires faith. The level of faith decides the

Expectations fullfilled requires God's intervention: Psalm 30:11

Any attempt to do things on your own, you automatically fail. You must always give God first priority. Story Examples: Blind Bartimus, The Woman with the Issue of Blood.

Expectations fullfilled requires the backing up on God's Word through manifestation: Provers 18:21

Points to take home

1. You must have a relationship with Him: This is the first point of having your needs met.: John 14:23

2. You must NOT fear: Fear of the unknown - Read Psalms & Numbers - JOb 3:25

3. You must denounce sickness: Psalm 107:20

4. You must NOT allow sorry to overwhelm you. It happens when there is a reversal of good: Job 17:7 - sorrow drains your health and spirit but you must have joy: Proverbs 15:13; Nehemiah 8:10

5. You must NOT be discouraged: Proverbs 12:25; Hebrews 6:11-12

6. Do not tolerate the devil: Revelation 10:12

How does the devil accuse us to God:

- He finds faults in us in hopes

- He accuses God to us

- He accuses us to our brethren

- He accuses us to ourselves

God wants you to have what your heart desires. Don't judge the outcome of what you're going through.

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RCCG Peace Assembly

Location: The Redeemed Christian Church of God Peace Assembly, 2158 McDaniel's Bridge Court, Lilburn, GA 30047

God bless you!

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